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Andy Bohn

Cornell physics graduate student, studying merging black holes, board games, and barrel strength whiskey.


About me

My name is Andy Bohn, and I am a Ph.D. Candidate at Cornell University in the physics department.

I currently work in the field of numerical relativity, where I use supercomputers to study the interactions between black holes, neutron stars, gravitational waves, and anything else Einstein’s theory of relativity predicts. Head over to my research page for more information. Before coming to sunny Ithaca, New York in 2010, I attended Purdue University, where I received degrees in physics and mathematics.


I like to program random things in my free time. You can see a few examples in my blog posts. I enjoy engaging in random sports or physical activities as often as my work allows. I currently bike, run, play soccer, and go to the gym (when I can wake up early enough).

I love music (who doesn’t), especially drum corps. I play the piano and almost any percussion instrument you can name. Here’s a couple pictures of my rudimental snare drumming days in high school:



(I’m in the middle of the snare line with the blue cap)

I should probably find some better pictures, or maybe post some videos! I played snare in the marching band and winter drumline all 4 years of high school, and was accepted into the 2005 BOA Honor Band for the Rose Bowl parade.

(see 1:10, 1:28, 1:38, for extremely jpeggy examples).

I’ve recently been getting into chess, but I watch much more chess than I play. I have a few neat blog posts coming up about chess and programming, so stay tuned!

more to come, if I find more hobbies or time to expand this page